Dr Andrea Gaál            Dentist
Our Services
Preventive dentistry
  1.  Aesthetic fillings
  2.  Root canals
  3.  Sealants for premolars and
Dental Hygiene
  1.  Plaque removal
  2.  Gingvitis treatments
Teeth replacements
  1.  Porcelan covered crowns,
  2.  Fully and partially removable
  3.  Combination attachments
Additional assitance
  1.  Lodging is available at
    favorable rates for two people
    in nearby Harkány in a private
    apartment with kitchen and
    one car garage
Price list
  1. Initial consultation
       2.500 HUF
  2.  X-ray
       1.500 HUF
  3. Aesthetic filling
       4.000 – 6.000 HUF
  4.  Plaque removal
    (uppar or lower)
       3.000 HUF
  5.  Root canal
       5.500 – 7.500 HUF
  6.  Sealant (per tooth)
       3.000 HUF
  7. Extraction
       3.000 HUF
  8.  Tenporary crown
       2.000 HUF
  9.  Porcelain crown
       15.000 – 16.000 HUF
  10.  Plastic removable
       50.000 – 60.000 HUF
  11.  Plastic removable
       60.000 – 70.000 HUF
  12.  Bridge removal
    (per each crown)
       1.500 HUF
  13.  Relining of dentures    
       7.000 HUF
  14.  Combination part fixed/part
    removable attachments
       170.000 – 300.000 HUF

Prices may vary based on individual needs.

Dr. Andrea Gaál completed her studies at the University Medical School of Pécs, Department of Dentistry in 1981. She has received her National Board Certification in treatment of dental and oral diseases.
Our office is easy to locate in downtown Siklós. We are awaiting our patients with friendly air conditioned atmosphere.
Our town and sorroundings
Siklós is a small historical town in south Hungary in Baranya county. We recomment that you visit our medieval castle.

Harkány, only 3 km’s away, is famous for its thermal baths known to have therapeutic effect for patients with movement impairmentand ginecological diseases. There are many hotels and restaurants of various price levels serving the visiting public.
In addition, wine tasting is offered at the local wineries of Villány, enticing guests with a variety of fine wines.
The city of Pécs is only 25 km away with its numerous cultural and architectural monuments and romantic promenades and squares.
Office hours
Monday, Wednesday: 12:00 – 18:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:30 – 13:30
Other arrangements can also be made according to our patients’ needs.
How to contact us
Address: Siklós, Felszabadulás u. 15.
Telephone: (+36) 72-352-327   Mobil: (+36) 30-306 4942
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